The Problem on Tabata App

First, I want to start with an apology. You will have to excuse me for introducing even more health and fitness information in this already saturated industry of science mixed with street-talk. Health and fitness is an ever evolving beast, taking new shapes, colors and focuses on a daily basis. Aerobics as a structured exercise has only been around since the late 1960’s and now look how many gyms and health centers there are around the world! The beginner and even the moderately experienced fitness enthusiasts are left to blindly wade through oceans of information created by anyone willing to flap their gums (author not excluded). There are magazines, blogs, TV shows and software applications that try to tackle the ever growing (pun intended) problem of America’s waistline. There definitely is an app for that. All this information is overwhelming. It can cause people to become discouraged, give up, or in a lot of cases, not even try.

With that said I want to toss my hat in the ring. Mind you, you will not be doing the actual Tabata Protocol, it may kill you. What this site is about is applying a Tabata-esc philosophy to your life.

Applications for the Tabata Lifestyle

  • Exercise (Duh!)
  • Work
  • Sex Life (Think about it…)
  • Accomplishing any task
  • Study
  • Doing anything that bores you
  • Doing anything that excites you
  • Eating
  • Sex Life (oh wait…did i..)
  • Reading
  • School Work
  • Learning a new language
  • Being lazy/procrastination
  • Sorting through your email (yuck!)
  • Basically anything boring or interesting in this world