Sources for Free Cookbooks

There are many websites, blogs and other online resources for recipes but some people still enjoy using actual cookbooks.  There are ways to get cookbooks for free or very little money. 

Some companies offer cookbooks of recipes using their brands.  Many may send them to you for free if you send a request.  They may also be available at store displays and women’s expo shows. 

Most public libraries have a wide selection of cookbooks covering a range of different types of cuisine.  They can be checked out for a certain amount of time.  It is also a great way to try out cookbooks before deciding to purchase any.  Many public libraries have occasional book sales of donated books or books they no longer need for a dollar or so a piece.  In some cases they may have a certain price such as $3 or so for a bag of books.  They may also have some books that are free for giveaway. 

Other places for inexpensive books are thrift stores.  They are not free but only a dollar or so and some may also have books sales where you can get a number of books for very little.

If you have friends and family that also like to cook, see if they have cookbooks that they no longer use and would like to swap for some that you may not be using.  Give them ideas of cookbooks you are interested in if they are asking for gift ideas for you. 

Authors give away copies of their books when they are first releasing them.  Many times they offer giveaways on their websites or blogs.  If you do write a blog, some publishers offer books for free to bloggers in exchange for a review of certain books. is a website that you can register books you either have to trade or list books you want to receive.  You get a point for each book that is requested by someone else.  The only cost to you is the shipping to the recipient.  The books can be sent by media mail so it is usually $2-$3 to send a book.  This is a great resource if you read a lot of books and is a way to get rid of books you have already read for others that you want to read.

There are ways to receive cookbooks for free, if you want actual cookbooks instead of online recipes.