Smirnoff Vodka Review

For a one litre bottle of red label Smirnoff Vodka you would be expected to pay on the region of £14-£15. This can be too pricey for some people so they opt for the alternative vodka on the market which is “Vodka” this is £8.49 for a litre bottle. Pretty much half the price of a Smirnoff bottle. Although you can tell the difference between the two. I am a fan of both but I definitely prefer Smirnoff vodka to the cheap alternative Vodkat.

Smirnoff vodka overall is a great drink and perfect for parties, it has very little taste and is perfect to mix with a variety of different drinks. With Smirnoff being triple distilled there is less chance of feeling ill the next day. 

 Smirnoff is 37.5%, which means it is a fairly strong if you put it next to a bottle of beer which is about 4%.

The reason why I love vodka is the fact it is the key ingredient in most of my favourite cocktails. Sex on the beach, Screwdriver and Cosmopolitan. However, I don’t just make cocktails with vodka I also put it with lemonade which goes really well with vodka. I’m not the type to put loads of lemonade in to mask the taste of the vodka. I would say at first I did put quite a fair amount in as I was new to vodka and as most of you may know vodka has quite an unusual taste especially when you have first tried it. Anyway, I tend to now put quite a small proportion of lemonade in so I can taste the vodka too as I don’t mind the taste of it anymore. Saying that I do struggle to drink it straight but perhaps that’s a good thing.

How is vodka made?

Vodka is made by the process of distillation of a fermented substance-often potatoes and rye or wheat grain-and less often, sugar beet molasses. Most vodka was traditionally made from potatoes and corn, but in recent years, most high-quality brands of vodka have been distilled from grains. The potatoes and grains are heated until the starch is released and converted to sugar. Then this substance, called a mash, is fermented and heated to a high temperature to allow distillation to occur. The substance is then distilled multiple times until all of the spirit is extracted. Multiple distillations allow for a higher proof. Water is added at the end of the distillation process to decrease the alcohol content, and then the vodka is ready to be bottled and sold. 

Smirnoff always manages to boost my confidence. I tend to have one or two drinks of it with lemonade or in a cocktail before I go out, not to get drunk but to give me that extra bit of confidence when I’m in a large group. 

I love vodka but I definitely don’t recommend drinking it excessively. Vodka makes some great cocktails and I especially love Smirnoff’s vodka as it has such excellence quality