Simple Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Recipes

This is a basic set of ingredients and instructions for making a chicken and pasta dish that can be combined with any choice of sauce. The chicken in the dish may also be prepared according to taste and some variations are included. Cooking of the pasta can be done simply by boiling, or by following the instructions listed herein.


4 medium to large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 Bell peppers, 1 Green, 1 Orange
½ red onion
Sliced Portabella Mushrooms
½ can of Rotel (optional)
1 box Angel Hair pasta, or desired type of pasta shell
1 Garlic Clove
Parmesan Cheese
Seasonings: Fresh Chopped Rosemary, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Italian seasoning, Butter, Olive oil
Sauces: Can be combined with many different sauces including tomato-based sauces, as well as Alfredo, etc., for a distinct type of dish.


The chicken will need to be the first thing prepared; the boneless skinless breasts should be cut into smaller sections, sometimes as small as 1 by 1 inch. Any excess fat should be removed and once cut the chicken sections should be spread out across a plate or cutting board for seasoning. The chicken can be seasoned in whichever way desired including a simple Italian seasoning, pepper seasoning, citric flavoring, and blackened for example.

The easiest way to prepare the chicken is in a skillet over medium heat, this can be accomplished easily indoors and while other components of the dish are being made. However, grilling the chicken is always an option and if you choose to do this be sure to allow plenty of time to slow cook the chicken to keep it moist once it is added in with the rest of the ingredients. Prepare a skillet by adding 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to a non-stick pan. Bring the skillet up to heat and put the chicken in so that it is seared on the outside. Reduce the temperature until the chicken is practically done, remove and drain the chicken.


Begin by adding the sliced vegetables into a warm skillet, peppers first, mushrooms, large onion slices, minced garlic clove, and finally the rotel if so desired. Once these ingredients have cooked down slightly season them to taste, and then add the chicken back into the pan as they are completing.


Add the desired amount of pasta to boiling water and cook until the pasta is tender. The type of pasta used should accent the type of sauce that is being prepared with the dish; this may include Angel Hair pasta, rotini, or even shells. Remove pasta from pan and drain, return pot to stove empty and put it on the lowest heat possible. Add 1-2 tablespoons of butter to pot, chopped rosemary, pepper and other seasonings, then put the pasta back in the pan and stir it all together. This only needs to be on heat long enough for the buttery rosemary to coat the pasta evenly. If so desired, for a thicker feeling pasta parmesan cheese can be added to the heating pasta and butter.


The great thing about this dish is that it can be paired with any type of sauce whether it’s a traditional tomato based spaghetti sauce, or a specialized Alfredo.  Preparing the sauce is simple and can also be done in a variety of ways depending upon taste and ease. In order to cook more of the flavor of the sauce into the noodles it can be added to the pasta after it has been drained and the two heated together. In order to cook the sauce down some it can be added to the skillet ingredients and simmered for a longer duration of time to thicken.