Simple and Great Tasting Beer Battered Fried whole Trout

Simple and great tasting.  Those are key ingredients in any great recipe, and this one is no exception.  So you want to make beer battered fried whole trout?  Well the first thing you will need is trout, of course.  But not just any trout will do.  It must be fresh caught; store bought fish is […]

Shipping a Homemade Pie

A commercial on television shows a package being loaded into an airplane before it is to take off. It portrays a gorilla dragging the medium-sized box across the tarmac, he then jumps on it, tosses it in the air, and finally the brute flings it into the cargo compartment and saunters off, mission accomplished.  Now […]

Sex in a Pan: layered chocolate dessert recipe

For those who think chocolate is better than sex, sex in a pan has to be the perfect no-bake dessert for entertaining at home or for taking along to pot luck dinners. It is actually a layered dessert which can be whipped up ahead of time and then refrigerated until it is served.  It is […]

Spanish Food Choosing the right Rice

Paella is the best known of all the Spanish rice dishes and in order for it to be properly called a paella rather than a risotto or a pilaf it should be made with the correct rice. Some supermarkets package rice and describe it as “paella rice” but paella derives its name from the dish […]

Scotch Differences

Scotch whisky is one of the world’s most famous alcoholic beverages, and every year millions of bottles are exported from Scotland around the world. Scotch though is just a name for a whisky made in Scotland, and just as not all white wine is the same, so there are differences in Scotch whisky. There are […]

Southern Desserts

A heaping helping of blackberry Cobbler with heavy cream poured over it spells Southern cooking in the Kentucky. Of course this isn’t the Deep South but it’s close enough to be called a neighbor now and then by Tennessee and Virginia and once in a while by those in North or South Carolina. For this […]

Roasted Asparagus

One of the greatest signs of the approaching summer is asparagus. This lovely green vegetable is one the best seasonal foods to enjoy with the increased sunshine. It provides a lovely spring dish to boost our vitamin levels and get us ready for the summer. This is a simple and fresh roasted asparagus recipe which […]

Sources for Free Cookbooks

There are many websites, blogs and other online resources for recipes but some people still enjoy using actual cookbooks.  There are ways to get cookbooks for free or very little money.  Some companies offer cookbooks of recipes using their brands.  Many may send them to you for free if you send a request.  They may […]

Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker

Rice cookers and slow cookers could not be more different. While they are both common kitchen appliances, they perform very different jobs. The rice cooker cooks rice and steams food very quickly, while the slow cooker stews food for many hours. Neither are really suitable for cooking raw red meats (although slow cookers are often […]

Smoked Swordfish Risotto with Pomegranate

This is a quick and easy to make recipe. It is healthy and delicious with a lovely fresh taste and is elegant enough to serve for a dinner party. This risotto also looks so attractive with the jewelled, glassy pomegranate kernels contrasting with the green of the parsley. Here, in our part of Italy, we’re […]

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