Male Menopause Symptoms, Andropause Therapy

While Male Menopause Symptoms can often be alleviated with a simple herbal formula, the signs and symptoms often go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Shrugged shoulders and a grunting sound – this is a man’s common reaction whenever menopausal symptoms (or most subjects), are discussed by their significant other. This reaction may be due the fact that it is difficult to understand something that you have not personally experienced.  Menopause is what women experience when they reach a certain age where their bodies stop producing hormones. It is the time of life where women will no longer be able to reproduce and it is also a point of great physical and emotional changes.

The fact however, is that males also experience this time of change in their life when they reach a certain age. In men this experience is called male menopause, or andropause.. But unlike women, where the change in hormones can be fairly abrupt, men experience a more gradual decline in the production of hormones and the symptoms of male menopause often go unnoticed.

Sometimes it is known as or coincides with the mid-life crisis, where male hormone level drops may often result in depression, anxiety, and a decline of interest in sex. The midlife crisis is perhaps a man’s attempt to recreate excitement in life and prove his continued virility As a male, it is good to be prepared to face this condition because when you reach a certain age (usually at late 50’s to early 60’s), you may begin to experience a drop in testosterone levels and menopause symptoms.

Male menopause is commonly known as Andropause or sometimes Viropause. This is generally thought of as being caused by a decrease in testosterone levels. Some view this time period as an end to first adulthood and an opportunity to pursue activities in life that are less testosterone drive such as new hobbies or perhaps or a second career (of course many women believe a man never attains adulthood). Many men, however, view andropause as a great threat to self esteem and life as we know it when it involves a decrease of sexual desires and loss of sexual performance.

Men may find this loss of libido alarming. Perhaps then, they will start to realize and comprehend what it is like to have drastic hormonal changes. Menopause for women has distinct and defined symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, depression, fatigue and  men may be quite surprised to find themselves experiencing these symptoms too.

Decreasing testosterone level is the most well-defined cause of male menopause. A simple test can confirm low testosterone levels but you should consult a physician since a decrease in hormones may also be associated with other illnesses. Low testosterone levels may present the following symptoms:

  • Physical exhaustion from simple tasks. Alertness and drive to accomplish tasks decreases.
  • At this stage, a man may suffer from insomnia, which in turn will decrease alertness and energy levels
  • Body weight and body fat may increase even though you are not eating anymore than usual
  • Mental fatigue and brain fog lessen the ability to concentrate. More time maybe needed time to comprehend things being discussed over a conversation or when reading, as focusing becomes more difficult
  • Emotional swings and mood swings. You may feel happy one minute and suddenly a profound sadness takes over. Anger may arise quickly and unexpectedly.
  • Decrease in sexual desire. This may include to failure to achieve or sustain an erection.

If you believe that you may be going through this condition, it is recommended that you should consult your Physician. A series of tests to may confirm that you are really going through male menopause. To do this, the doctor will test your testosterone level and also examine your symptoms. If it is indeed menopause, the doctor can recommend treatments to ease the symptoms.

There are some great natural ways to combat low testosterone levels and symptoms such as fatigue and decreased sexual vigor. I have tried many, (I won’t touch the prescription stuff), and my favorite by far is deer antler velvet, from the horns of young bucks (the deer are not harmed). Used in China for thousands of years, this product naturally raises hormone levels, increases energy levels, bolsters the immune system, and even helps with joint and low back pain. Give it a try if you feel like getting back to your younger days. For solutions to many more men’s health issues you can visit Men’s Health Zone.