Is a spray tan better than a tanning bed?

Thіѕ wіƖƖ bе mу first time аnԁ fοr prom hοw early ѕhουƖԁ i ԁο іt ѕο i don’t look orange уеt іt wont fade away…mу prom іѕ mау 1st?

Answer 1:

Get the spray tan. Its better for your skin, you can still get cancer from a tanning bed.

Better yet, don’t tan at all, sometimes no matter what you do, it’ll always look orange.

If you are going to spray tan, don’t do it a day before, get it done about two days before, that way if it does turn out orange, it’ll fade a little bit. Here are some information on the benefits and tips of spray tan.

Answer 2:

I would start tanning in a bed now, and get a spray tan like a few days before prom. This way, you get a real tan (somewhat real) and don’t have to spray tan if you can get dark enough by then. Be sure to tell the people who work there that you haven’t tanned before (unless you have) so that you don’t go for too long and burn.

Answer 3:

I would go to a tanning bed, not a spray tan. tanning beds make you less orange and last longer. i would start tanning 3 weeks before. you need time for your skin to get used to the bed, so you only go for about 5 mins your first couple times. then keep going till you get as dark as you want to. im saying go 3 weeks before so just in case you stay in too long there will be time for the tan to fade out. i know people are gonna be like omg no cancer, but if your only going for a short period of time there wont be any real damage.