I am becoming healthy…I move a little more each day which helps my pain; I am exploring my health and possible conditions with my doctor rather than ignore them; I am watching what I put into my body and dressing better and feeling better each day. I can do this all. My health is improving and I feel better than I have in years! I am able and willing to work each day and build my career.

Supporting Actions:

Visiting my doctor with all my symptoms-whether I feel like a nuisance or not; considering carefully what I ingest and how much; taking my medication; I will get to the bottom of my pain so that I can embark on some level of fitness. I am envisioning myself in the future at a healthy weight, pain-free, and energetic.

Background Information:

My mother has scleroderma and I suspect I do as well- but keep most complaints to myself and see my doctor rarely and don’t follow up with blood tests etc. I have severe daily fatigue and severe ankle pain and pain in back and other joints. I have restless leg syndrome which makes for miserable nights and esophogal motility trouble and sometimes choke even on water! I appear to have metobolic syndrome with all my wieght in my stomache; I just spent two weeks in the hospital “spa” — otherwise known as psyche-ward for post traumatic stress; I seem to be overwhlemed with troubles.