How To Stop Vaginal Discharge With Herbal Medicine

Vaginal discharge is a normal part of being female. There’s nothing strange or dirty about it. However, there are some types of discharge that may indicate an infection. For this reason, it’s important to know the difference between normal, everyday discharge and fluids that may be cause for alarm.Normally a woman’s discharge is clear or slightly cloudy with no odor and does not irritate. Irritation, smell and/or milky discharge may signal a problem.

Identification: –Vaginal discharge is produced by glands that exist in both the vagina and the cervix. Typically, it is clear or milky, and it is doesn’t smell bad or doesn’t smell at all. Sometimes, it may appear thin and stringy, and at other times, it may have white spots. Usually, these changes are completely normal. All women have vaginal discharge, although it may vary in amount and consistency from woman to woman.

Misconceptions: – Many people think the presence of vaginal discharge of any type is a sign of an infection. However, that is not the case, as the vagina has a natural acidic environment that protects against infections. Producing normal discharge is part of the body’s way of keeping the vagina clean and healthy. Unfortunately, the pH balance of the vagina can be changed by a wide variety of substances and irritants, leading to changes in discharge quality and even infection.

How to Treat Vaginal Discharge: –

• Vaginal discharge happens at least twice a day for women, everyday. However, many may not notice as discharge acts as a way to clean the reproductive system on one hand and to signal an issue on another. Consider it a garbage disposal that you should only worry about if the discharge has a foul smell or is discolored.

• If your discharge has a fishy or very strong musty smell, check for it’s composition and color. A discharge can smell differently after a menstrual period for example or even during ovulation. Also check for how thick the discharge is. If it’s more like glue instead of a thin film and shows a green or dark yellow discharge along with an unusual smell, your problem may be caused by a yeast or bacterial infection.

• If none of the suspicious symptoms are present, your discharge is likely the cause of your body’s attempt to cleanse itself and you shouldn’t worry as the natural climate of your body will likely adjust according to its own calendar.

• However if you are experiencing a difference in smell, composition, and color, you should consult a doctor to figure out the exact cause of the infection. A bacterial infection will likely involve antibiotics, while a yeast infection may require a cream or another type of antibiotic.

• After taking the doctor’s recommended medication, the discharge should reduce frequency and return to your original composition within one to two weeks.


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