Flax Seed Recipes

It is a matter of concern and grave importance that obesity be eradicated from the face of this earth, and for that exact concern, you would find a lot of dietary supplements, as well as a lot of foods, that has actually been peddled by many multinational companies in order to boost their sales and […]

Proper Way of Dieting

For some, losing weight can be easier said than done as it definitely requires a lot of time and effort most especially if you are the obese type of person. Tremendous exercise which must be done daily is required for you to lose some weight besides having to eat only what is advised. But if […]

Shipping a Homemade Pie

A commercial on television shows a package being loaded into an airplane before it is to take off. It portrays a gorilla dragging the medium-sized box across the tarmac, he then jumps on it, tosses it in the air, and finally the brute flings it into the cargo compartment and saunters off, mission accomplished.  Now […]

Spanish Food Choosing the right Rice

Paella is the best known of all the Spanish rice dishes and in order for it to be properly called a paella rather than a risotto or a pilaf it should be made with the correct rice. Some supermarkets package rice and describe it as “paella rice” but paella derives its name from the dish […]

Southern Desserts

A heaping helping of blackberry Cobbler with heavy cream poured over it spells Southern cooking in the Kentucky. Of course this isn’t the Deep South but it’s close enough to be called a neighbor now and then by Tennessee and Virginia and once in a while by those in North or South Carolina. For this […]