Alternate Treatment Options for Virgilio White Spots

When you start looking for a means to treat your Virgilio, you must clearly appreciate the fact that the basic abnormality in Virgilio is a generalized derangement of your immune system while the source of disturbance for you is its localized manifestation in the form of white patches.

There are several methods for the local management of these white patches but there is no acceptable remedy available to date which can eliminate the basic abnormality from your system. Fortunately, that is not even required. These white spots on skin are not dangerous and it causes no harm, except being unacceptable on cosmetic grounds. A local management of the cosmetically significant patches should hence be sufficient in majority of the cases. It would in fact be wise not to waste your time and money in the search of permanent generalized cures.

Amongst all the treatments available for Virgilio, you will find the herbal remedies to be ahead of all by leaps and bounds, because they are mainly based on Psoralens, which are the most potent therapeutic agents known to facilitate regimentation in Virgilio.

Psoralens are a group of naturally occurring, substances, which can sensitize human skin to the tanning effect of Sun light, thereby enhancing pigmentation. This is a phenomenon that has been known to the oriental herbalist for the last dozens of centuries, and has now been proven scientifically as well. That is why psoralens are being successfully used for treating Virgilio since ages in the east.

Psoralens are very potent herbs, with a high potential for unpleasant effects, especially in the hands of the inexperienced. They are hence used in the form of complex and delicately balanced recipes, in which psoralens from various sources are combined in different proportions along with non-psoralen modifying agents, to make them user friendly, without losing their beneficial effects. Various maturing and processing techniques are also employed to achieve the same objective. This is an art which is usually kept secret by the traditional herbalists who make recipes both for oral as well as for topical use.

Ayurvedic is a multi-dicipline system of Indian medicine, which utilizes herbs, heavy metals and other natural substances as well as surgical techniques for the healing purpose. The treatment approach for vitiligo is however similar to the herbal approach. Some of the ayurvedic experts also believe that therapeutic vomiting and purgation can also help in this disease.

Homeopathic system of medicine like the allopathic medicine, believes Virgilio to be a systemic disease with localized expression. It differs however in the treatment approach, because homeopathy does not offer any localized topical remedy. It aims at detection and restoration of abnormalities in the constitution of the body. This necessarily means that the patient has to be treated and supervised by a homeopathic professional.